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Product Description

?17Pcs Complete Hair Clippers for Men Cordless Kit - With Deeply researching customer needs, we newly launched a "Silver Arrow" kit to get all tools you need. The mens hair clippers kit includes a hair clipper, 10 guards and 4 length lever for all hairstyle lengths (1/64''-1''), a scissor, a cape(under the withe box), a storage bag, and a comb.
?2X Faster Carbon Blade-The cordless hair clippers for men have the top-fast blades and are as durable as any you'll find in the barbershop. The 440C carbon steel is the most popular blade in barbers - be 2X faster and more accurately than the ceramic blade to clipper the roughest, irregular hair.
?Super 5H Cordless Using - With only 3h fully charged for 2500mAH battery, you can use the hair clippers for men cordless for 7 months (More than 15 times cordless trimmings). The long-lasting cordless hair clipper is very suitable for the barber and the whole family.
?6000RPM Motor with Quiet Technology -The motor speed of hair clippers for men is 80% ahead of the market, gives you the 2X quicker but quieter experience than normal men's hair clippers. It's not only suitable for men, but also suitable for children and pets.
?Quick Charge - 15Min Charge=30Min Hair Clippers Cordless Cutting. Only with 15min charge, you can get 1 perfect cordless cutting. Quick charge leaves you plenty of time to clean yourself up before your urgent big Zoom meeting.