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Product Description

【8 Spay Patterns】Livylorya garden hose nozzle sprayer provides 8 watering patterns, which are Full, Flat, Vertical, Mist, Stream, Cone, Center, and Shower, and easy to actuate by twisting the nozzle head disk. This water hose nozzle covered every watering need whether gardening, pet showering, car washing, or house daily cleaning.

【Unique Effort-saving Knob Design】The rotary knob at the top rear of the sprayer gun can be rotated counterclockwise to reduce the trigger pressing strength or clockwise to increase it. Freely turn the knob and find the most comfortable gripping strength to make watering tasks easier. Even the elderly and children can operate it effortlessly. Note: This knob is not for water volume adjustment.

【Grip Comfort】The handle and trigger of the hose nozzle are designed with ergonomic contours to grip naturally and comfortably. The anti-slip water sprayer has a firmer grip due to its soft rubber coating design. The trigger lock function is added, keeping the trigger in a fixed position for continuous spraying to avoid hand fatigue.

【Leakproof】This spray nozzle comes with a quick connector and 4 free rubber rings, fits most standard garden hoses, and provides a leak-free tight connection.

【Durable】The heavy-duty water hose nozzle is made of reinforced nylon material, can withstand up to 12bar high water pressure, and effectively avoid rusting, corrosion, or breaking for years.