How Do LITOM Outdoor Solar Lights Improve Security?

Recently, we have made a survey among LITOM customers about what they purchase our outdoor solar wall lights for. More than 60% of people choose the security purpose. It shows safety is the top priority when people plan an outdoor lighting solution. Hereby, we will go deep into how do outdoor solar lights improve personal and home security.

Say Goodbye to Accidental Injury

There is a horrifying statistic that for the first time in US history, the 3rd leading cause of death is accidental injury! Among which, the most related to daily life is that people are quite easy to trip and stumble over obstacles at night in dark places, which may result in an accidental injury. In fact, this kind of accidental injury can be avoided if installing LED lightings in these dark places, great visibility will be given to see any danger that comes the way. As the most budget-saving and easy-installation solution, solar-powered lighting should be the first choice.

Install close to the garbage can and recycle can, lighting up the way out to throw garbage and prevent bumping into something which may cause an injury. Or install close to the stairs, allowing us to go up and down stairs free like in the daytime. Any guest that comes to our house at night loves to walk on the way with great visibility. Installing led solar wall lights in dark places of the house is a great protection to improve personal security for our families, guest, and ourselves.

solar wall lights


Working with Security Cam Against Thieves

As the FBI stated that burglary is the most common threat to homes. Many homeowners had a serious concern about it. They tend to install a security camera on the exterior of the house. However, do you know that an outdoor solar wall mounted light will be a nice companion for the security camera, playing the role of filling light at night, help homeowners to see the details in the outdoor security camera system. No more perfect solution than solar light working with outdoor security camera to against thief’s break-in and improve home security.

In fact, the best choice is to install a solar motion sensor light, dark when no light, and trigger on to give out high-brightness light after detecting movement. Thieves tend to be quite nervous during the burglary. Once he moves into the sensor area, the led solar motion sensor light will suddenly trigger on and light up, which will scare him away.

solar wall lights

Avoid Wild Animals Infestation

Wild animals are another serious concern of homeowners. They tend to come onto human properties in search of food, shelter, protection from predators, and a safe space to raise their young. Many families have a chicken coop in the yard. Wild animals love to approach and fee on the thickens and eggs. So, how to keep the wild animals out of the chicken coop? A great way is installing a solar sensor light on the exterior wall of the chicken coop. Just like the way to against a thief, once the wild animals approach, the solar light will kick on to give out light to scare them away, and thus provide a secured environment for chickens.

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Peel Hole Area Installation to Identify Visitors

Sometimes our doorbell rings at night. As we don't know whether the visitor is a familiar or a stranger, we dare not open the door casually. Many people may install a peephole on the door, but as it is dark at night, and it may not so visible to see the visitor clearly. At this time, solar wall light should be taken into consideration, providing illumination for peephole areas and giving you great visibility when the doorbell rings.


No hassle of complex setting up. Either screw mounted or using a strap to attach on the wall. Wire-free installation can be done in minutes. Super simple. In addition, it charges by absorbing solar energy during the daytime and provide illuminations at night. Zero electric bill, absolutely affordable.


Open the door after making sure if the visitor is a known person, which is important to improve home and personal security at night, especially regarding those lives alone.

home security lights

Lighting Up Yard Warning Sign

We may get into some legal issues if our dog were to bite a robber as "Beware" is a loose legal term. Many homeowners installed yard signs on the fence to warn the robbers. However, it seemed to be worthless if it is unsightly on the dark night. What we need to do is installing a solar wall light close to the warning sign. It will light up at night and making the sign visible to strangers that approach, warning them "Dog will bite you. we are not held responsible".

Having good lighting can prevent accidental injury, discourage crime, make it easier to identify criminals, and make our family and guests feel safer and more secure.

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