How LITOM New Solar Light with A Low Power Indicator Enhance Your Life

Have you ever met the following situation? You were having a night party with a group of friends in the backyard. Everyone was enjoying the party. However, the solar wall light of your backyard suddenly stopped lighting due to running out of power. Party discontinued. At this time, you may be thinking that why there is no reminder for power failure at all so that you did not have a little precaution. Just as a mobile phone will remind you of a low battery before shutting down, the solar light requires such an alert function as well. You are lucky! Litom Solar Light with a low power indicator happens to meet your demands!

Unique Low Battery Alert Design

With the built-in indicator light flashes in red, you will know clearly that your solar motion light is in low power status. Just speed up what you are doing before the light stops working completely. Or set the solar light to the low power mode. As under this mode, the solar light will light up at medium brightness when motion detected. With the reduced light amount, it will last longer to provide illumination for you to complete what you are doing. In short, the design of low power alert helps you get a better commanding of solar light working status, and may have a precaution or a backup plan for sudden power off. Things will not get out of control.

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Keep the Party On

Let’s go back to your party. Now, imagine you have got a led solar light with a low power alert, and you had already noticed that the low power indicator was flashing red light days before the party. To ensure enough power to light up your party, you will charge it to full under the sunlight. Even though you noticed the indicator alert during the party, you can adjust the lighting mode to the low power mode, reducing the brightness to increase the lighting time. In that way, you have extra time to complete the party or make a back-up lighting plan to continue the party. At least it is not going to happen that everything falls into darkness suddenly. Otherwise, it will be a very bad thing indeed!

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Great Partner for Poor Weathers

The low power alert function is particularly suitable for use in winter, cloudy, or storm days. We all know that there is not much sunshine on these special days. The solar conversion rate is much lower than on sunny days, and the lighting time is shorter as well. You do not know how long the solar outdoor light can last and whether it will stop working suddenly. However, if it comes with a low power alert function, the problem will be solved. Once it flashes in red, you will know everything. Besides, another benefit of low power alert is that you can judge in the first place whether it is the power issue that results in solar light stop working suddenly.

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Other Features

  • 4 Optional Light Modes 
  • Monocrystalline solar panels with 20.5% conversion rate
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Wire-free installation
  • 30,000 Hours+ Long Lifespan

It is annoying that the phone turns off during game playing, the electric toothbrush power off suddenly during teeth brushing. So is the use of solar light. Sudden power off does make things worse. Low power alert function becomes necessary to make things going smoother!

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