How LITOM Solar Lights Will Change Your Life

With environmental sustainability being one of the most important attributes of a home, property, or commercial residence today, more people than ever before are considering the potential of solar lights. Not only will they help the environment, but they will also help your wallet in the form of energy savings, as our LITOM solar lights come with automatic on-and-off motion sensors.


Solar lights can transform your life as you know it. Why should you consider solar lights today? Here are just a few reasons you can’t ignore:

1. It’s Better for the Environment

One of the biggest problems with regular electric lights today is that they contribute to the expanding carbon footprint that comes from using non-renewable energy sources. Playing into this cycle means the planet is exploited for the light in and outside your home. With solar lights, you can know that a renewable energy source was utilized, sparing the planet while creating a cleaner energy cycle.

2. It’s Better for Your Wallet

 Although solar lights may seem expensive at first, consider the energy savings you are going to witness in your monthly bill. You will be paying much less to your utility company, which after just a few months, will justify the cost of the solar lights. After that, you will witness immense savings you will wish you had accessed sooner.

3. It’s a Low Maintenance Solution

 You won’t need to worry about expensive or tedious maintenance requirements that can come with setting up lighting. With our LITOM solar lights, you can enjoy our mounting template for drilling screw holes, making it much easier to visualize the finished result. We also provide two mounting tapes for simply sticking the lights to the wall. No pin or wire required

4. It’s a Waterproof Solution

Are you worried your current landscape lights can’t withstand precipitation and changes in weather? Our LITOM solar lights come with an IP67 waterproof rating since they are made of high-impact ABS material with a waterproof design. Therefore, they are perfect to use on the front door, back door, garage, driveway, deck, pathway, and porch.

5. It’s an Easy Way to Conserve Energy

Did you know our LITOM solar lights come with four option modes? This includes a high light mode, a medium-light mode, a dim light sensor mode, and a permanent on-mode if you don’t want to use the sensor. The natural solar light sensor ensures the lights aren’t on when they don’t need to be. It’s effortless energy conservation on any of your properties.

LITOM Solar Lights

We know how powerful and effective our solar wall lights are today, which is why we want you to consider the overreaching benefits of using these kinds of environmentally conscious lights. With a high efficient solar panel that has a 20.5% conversion rate, faster charging, low battery indicators, and waterproofing design, there’s nothing these solar lights can’t do. Consider the switch today.


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