How Much Do You Know About Waterproof Performance of Outdoor Solar Lights?

Solar-powered lights that installed outdoors usually need to withstand the test of various bad weathers such as heavy rain, snow, frost, which is possible from time to time. If the waterproofing measures of solar lights are not in place, the water will penetrate the interior of the lights and corrode the internal circuit, resulting in a lighting failure, and the service life of solar lights will also be shortened. Therefore, taking the waterproof performance into full consideration is quite necessary before choosing solar powered lights outdoor. Today, we will share some knowledge about the waterproof performance of solar powered landscape lights outdoor.

Waterproof Tech

At present, the waterproof technology of outdoor led lights is mainly divided into two directions: structural waterproof and material waterproof. Structural waterproof means that it forms a waterproof structure after all parts of the item fitting together. And material waterproof is to reserve the position of sealing glue to seal electrical components during product design, and use glue material to make the electrical components completely airtight and thus realize waterproof function during assembly.


With the development of waterproof material technology, the special potting glue for various types of LED lights from various brands continue to appear, for example, modified epoxy resin, modified polyurethane resin, modified organic silicone, etc. Different chemical formulas have different physical and chemical performance indexes on elasticity, molecular structure stability, adhesion, UV resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, water repellency, and insulation performance of the potting compound. The waterproof performance of the solar landscape spotlight is finally judged by its IP rating.

What’s IP Rating

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating of LED lights is the protection level of the light against solid (dirt, dust, etc.) objects and liquid (water). There are two numbers on the IP protection level. The first number (0 to 6) is fixed in the IP protection level. It shows resistance to solid objects. The second number (0 to 8) means a waterproof level. The larger number, the more waterproof.

The most common wireless solar powered landscaping lights on the market are IP65 waterproof LED lights. They provide maximum protection for solid particles and have a certain resistance to liquid particles due to the silicone sealing washer. However, if you want to fight more extreme weather outdoor, you need an outdoor light with a higher waterproof level, that is IP67 waterproof outdoor light. They add a gluing sealing treatment based on IP65 to make the light completely sealed. Even if immersed 1M deep underwater, the lights are still able to work normally.

LITOM outdoor solar landscape spotlight is exactly the representative of IP67 waterproof technology, having super-priority in waterproof function during outdoor use.

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Waterproof Application - Against Weather

Extreme weather is the main reason that your solar lighting needs to be IP67 waterproof. The surface temperature of the outdoor solar lights in summer can rise to 60℃, ultraviolet rays have a destructive effect on the protective coating of the shell, plastic parts, potting glue, sealing rubber ring adhesive strip, adhesive, etc. After a long time, there will be aging cracks, which will damage the waterproof performance of the solar lights; The temperature in winter can be reduced to minus zero, the plastic parts become brittle, and they are easy to crack under the pressure of ice and snow, which seriously affects the airtightness of the lights.

Solar lights exposed to the outdoor environment need to withstand the various extreme weather above, which is why you need to choose the outdoor solar lights with a higher waterproof level reaching to IP67, just to keep the outdoor lights running in good performance even in high heat, storm, and snow days. The more waterproof, the longer service life.

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Waterproof Application - Outdoor Use

Summer camping is always pleasant, giving people a wonderful chance to close to nature. But do you know what is the essential equipment that you must take out for summer outdoor camping? It is solar lighting. As lights can help boost the ambiance as well as providing illumination. Life is no more wonderful than all family members sitting in front of the tent at night, talking and laughing, with lighting surrounded, very romantic.


However, summer is always rainy, your solar lights for outdoor camping need to be waterproof enough. Nobody wants the wonderful atmosphere to be interrupted by a sudden power-off due to water flowing into the interior of the light and causing a shortcut. So, choose a solar spotlight with higher IP rating. Enjoy your summer outdoor camping!solar spotlights


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