LITOM Latest Solar Motion Sensor Lights (ES100 Version)

It Is Coming!!!

ES100, the new version of solar wall-mounted lights that LITOM is going to launch in July is coming! Never miss it! So, what’s special? What makes it different from other solar lights? You must be thinking that. Now come with us to discover the charm of this new gadget.


Innovative Design – Look Cool, Lighting Wider & Brighter

How do you feel about the look of this new solar light? Most people answered looks nice, different from other solar wall mounted lights on the market. Yes, you can see we designed upper and lower two luminous panels while other outdoor solar lights have only one panel.

Why did we design like this? Just for a different look? In fact, this inspiration comes from the headlights of the car. It widens the lighting range up to 30 m² and can satisfy both your far and near areas lighting needs. Never worry again that the solar lights cannot light up further nor the area below the light is not bright enough.


The lampshade designed to be transparent which enhances the light transmittance up to 90%, with brightness equals a 22W general lamp, 20% brighter than other mini-watt lights. Just the brightest you feel ever!

solar wall lights

10x Sensitive

With an enhanced built-in PIR motion sensor, the solar light will quickly trigger on once detect any movement up to 26ft with a 120° detection angle. Human approach, trigger on. Pet or wild animal approach, trigger on. Car approach, still trigger on. Super sensitive. The false alarm rate of this solar light is 1% while others are around 10%, 10x sensitive than others.

Illumination will last for about 20s each time, and extend for another 20s for repetitive detection, lighting your way whenever you need while saving energy to last longer.

solar wall lights

More Lighting Options – Meet All Your Lighting Purposes

As using LED with high-brightness & high color rendering index, the solar lights do not contain blue, purple, and other eye-harmful light, effectively protect eyesight and improve the lighting experience. Considering different people may use solar light for different purposes, we designed 4 lighting modes to meet all your purposes.

  • Security Light Mode: Allow you to see clearly what had triggered the light in the first place. Thief approach, it will kick on in quick and give out High Bright Light to scare him away. For farmers who have a chicken coop, installing solar light close to it, the motion sensor kicks on to scare approached wild animals away. Installation on RV or peep-hole view area is also a great way to keep home security.
  • Comfort Light Mode: It's been perfect especially when your hands are full and you don't have to turn on a light. As the solar light will automatically kick on and give out Comfort Medium Bright Light to give you great visibility to the door.  
  • Smart Light Control Mode: Dim Light when no motion and Medium Bright Light once motion detected. Install it near a trash can, it will light up your way out to throw garbage after detecting your motion. The smartest ever!
  • Stay-on Light Mode: Continuous lighting for night activity. Perfectly light up the back yard when dogs go out or when you are enjoying the parent-child time after dinner. Life is more wonderful for having such a good solar light in your backyard.

solar lights outdoor

Waterproof Superiority

Worrying about water flowing into the light interior and result in a lighting failure? As featuring the leading IP67 waterproof technology (Most of the solar lights in the market are just IP65 Waterproof), this ES100 Version solar light can withstand all kinds of terrible weather, ensure great lighting performance in rainy, frosty, snowy, and high heat days. Just born for outdoor lighting.

solar lights outdoor

Outdoor On the Go

No hassle of having to set up a wired light, this WIRE-FREE solar light is easy for you to install and detachable. It can be used as a traditional wall-mounted light, and mobile lighting as well. Take it outdoor instead of a flashlight if you like. Just take it off from the wall and you are ready on the go!

solar lights outdoor

Every detail is designed based on what it may look like, how it benefits users in daily life. Each innovation and breakthrough you shall never miss.


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