LITOM Q&A- Most Common Questions You May Concern About Solar Lights Outdoor

We know that there is nothing worse than unsmooth using experience of outdoor solar lights and we are always happy to answer all the questions about solar lights from our customer. Hereby we sum up 11 common questions from LITOM fans during the use of solar lights.


Q1: Why Does the New Item Not Work?

  • Be sure there is no operation error. Turn on the solar led light by "Long-press" or "Short-press" as the instruction. And then test it in the darkroom or cover the solar panel.
  • Check if the solar light installed backlight where there is insufficient sunlight for charging. Be sure to install the solar light in the place that can get enough direct sunshine.
  • Check the surrounding environment and make sure there is no other direct light and keep a distance more than 2M during the installation of multiple solar lights.
  • Considering all the electricity may be exhausted during the shipment, please kindly let it charge in the direct sunlight for 1-2 days and then test it either at night or in darkness.


Q2: What Can I do If My Solar Light Out of Work After A Few Days of Use?

  • The solar panel being blocked or dusty will affect the absorbing and conversion of the sunlight. Please kindly clean the solar panel regularly
  • The solar light may be illuminated by other light sources. Please make sure there is no other light source and keep a distance more than 2M during the installation of multiple solar lights
  • Climate problems like rain, snow, the cloud will cause the item to not be charged, and then the battery is exhausted. It will light up after the battery fully charged in direct sunlight.


Q3: What's Going on That My Solar Light Not Light Up after Motion detected? And What Should I do?

  • The installation height of the solar motion sensor light is too high, which beyond the sensing range. Please check the installation height to see whether it meets the recommended height(2-3m/6.5-10ft) and whether the motion is within the induction Angle of 120 °.
  • The solar light may be out of electricity. Charge it in the direct sunlight for 1-2 days before use to get sufficient power and then test it in the darkroom or at night.


Q4: Why Is the Sensing Distance So Short?

  • It may due to going straight to the solar motion light. The sensing effect will be optimal if the movement route of the human body vertical to the installation position of the solar light. If it is a straight line, the sensing sensitivity is lowered.
  • The sensor head of the solar light is based on the principle of temperature difference induction, which is greatly affected by the surrounding environment. The lower the temperature, the less sensitive the induction.
  • Please check the installation height of the solar wall light to see whether it meets the recommended height(2-3m/6.5-10ft), and whether the motion is within the induction Angle 120 °.
  • Due to the high brightness of this product, it is better to install multiple lights in parallel and please keep a distance more than 2M.


Q5: What to Do If the Solar Motion Sensor Light Keep Lighting On?

  • If you set it to the medium-light stay-on mode, it will stay lighting on all night. Check the model you choose, and adjust to the motion sensor mode you need.   
  • Repeated motion detection will prolong the lighting time. Check whether there is any small animals or car moving which may cause the light to sense repeatedly.

Note: It is normal that occasional wind blowing or tree-shaking causes the solar motion sensor light lighting up, as it belongs to the individual false alarm phenomenon of the sensor head.


Q6: What May Cause the Working Time Too Short?

  • The less time charging during the daytime, the shorter working hours at night. The working time in winter is much shorter than that in summer due to the weak sunlight intensity.
  • Cloudy, rainy and snowy weather will lead to short lighting time or no lighting. When the sun comes out, the solar panel will absorb efficient sunlight and thus prolong the lighting time.
  • Backlight installation or solar panel being blocked or dusty will result in absorbing less sunlight for charging and thus shorten the lighting time or brightness.
  • This item has a repetitive sensing function, if someone always stays in the sensing area, the light will stay in high bright status, which results in power consumption very fast.


Q7: Why Does the Brightness Become Lower During the Use?

When the battery is running out of power, the solar light will get into low-power protection status and decrease the discharge current automatically, and thus the brightness becomes lower. It will return to high brightness when the battery is fully charged.


Q8: Why is My Solar light Flashing and What Should I Do?

Dropping from a height beyond the dropping standard during installation or continuous storm impact will cause the failure of waterproof function, which results in solar light flashing. Check whether the solar light was taking in water, contact our Service Team to get a free replacement if it was.


Q9: Why Do Some of the Beads in the Light Keep Lighting On?

For some solar lights, some of the beads are always lighting on when the solar light is in the low bright state of the dim light sensor mode.


Q10: Why Does the Solar light Light Up at Daytime?

If the solar wall light was installed backlight or the solar panel was blocked, it will mistake it is night time and thus light up atomically.


Q11: Why Does It Light On for Just A While Each Time Re-turn On After Lighting Off?

The battery is exhausted. It will return to normal working after charging, just the same as turning off your phone when it's dead.


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    what do you do with a dead light?

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    Hi, i have 2 or 3 Litom lites. But one does stay lit all the time, its on #1. I want the other one to stay lit also, but when i put it on # 1, it stays lit for about 10 to 15 seconds , then goes off!!!! 😭😭😭

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