Solar Spotlights Not Working? - 5 Possible Reasons You Should Know

Outdoor solar spotlights charge by absorbing sunlight during daytime and automatically light up at the night, safe, environmentally- and budget-friendly for use. However, it seems some people are confusing about why their solar spotlights are not working. Hereby we sum up 5 possible reasons that may cause the issue, and corresponding solutions are also provided. Let’s see if it is helpful to you!


Reason 1: Switch Is Not On

Generally, there is a power button on the solar spotlight, which is used for switching on as well as adjusting the brightness or color temperature. It is very easy to be unnoticed.

Solution: Make sure to press the switch button and adjust it to the desired lighting mode before installation. Then your solar spotlight will normally light up at night.


Reason 2: Install Under Shelter

If you install the outdoor solar landscape lights under the branch, lamp pole, grass or other shelters, the solar panel is not getting enough sunlight and thus cannot convert into electric energy, it will not light up normally at night.

Solution: Reposition the solar spotlights to an unobstructed place to ensure the solar panel absorbs enough direct sunlight.


Reason 3: Angle of Solar Panel Is Not Optimal

The incorrect angle of the solar panels will lead to low charging efficiency, which greatly affects the lighting duration and brightness.

Solution: The optimal angle adjustment of the solar panel needs to follow the simple principle: let the sunlight directly on the solar panel, that is, the light particles are perpendicular to the solar panel. In that way, the solar conversion rate and the charging efficiency can get maximized.



Reason 4:  Your Solar Light Is Illuminated by Other Light Source

If your led solar landscape lights are installed close to other light sources like streetlights which light up when night falls, the solar panel will detect the light source and mistake it for daytime, resulting in no lighting.

Solution: Check the surrounding environment, make sure the solar spotlight is not illuminated by other lighting fixtures.

Reason 5: Climate Problems

If there is no good sunlight for several days (like cloudy, rainy, snowy days), the solar landscaping lights will be out of power thus not light up.

Solution: Switch off the solar light and let it charge under sunshine for a couple of days or up to 72 hours. Then it will light up again at night after switch on.

Conclusion: Fitting your backyard with normal working solar landscaping spotlights will make everything bright and attractive. If it is unlucky to find out that your solar lights are not working, don’t worry, try the above simple tricks to fix the issue.


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