About Litom

LITOM, A World-leading Solar Light Brand

LITOM was found in 2013 and focuses on the innovation of design and technology to provide the best lighting experience to customer from all over the world.

LITOM has lightened up over 5000000 people's way home by solar powered wall lights with motion sensor. We are proud of ourselves on understanding what our customers need and how to meet their demands. We are building up an excellent reputation for high quality products and exceptional customer support.

LITOM, Light Up Your Life

LITOM has created more related products gradually, solar courtyard lights, eye-protection desk lamps and book lights etc. In the near future, we will launch the freshest products which will be good news to big time solar lights lovers. LITOM is looking forward to lighting up your life with healthy and pleasant experience.

LITOM, Environmental Pioneer

LITOM has always been committed to contributing to the global environmental protection. The power of each solar lights (120LED) is equivalent to a 10w energy-saving lamp, which can save 43.8 kWh per year, equivalent to 17.52 kg of coke coal combustion. Each solar light can reduce 40 kilograms of carbon dioxide and 8 kilograms of sulfur dioxide emissions per year. We have been working hard to build a better home.

LITOM Brand Major Achievements

  • Launched the world’s first 2 modes solar wall lights.


  • Launched the world’s first 270°wide angle solar wall lights


  • By upgrading the PIR technology and developing Fresnel lens independently, the sensing distance is increase from 3M to 8M.


  • Launched one-button control solar wall lights with mode memory function, completely change the complex operation mode of pinhole switch, and made it simpler.


  • Launched the world’s first waterproof IP67 solar wall lights.