LITOM Points Conditions

What is the LITOM points program?

We're always thinking up ways to make LITOM better, and never stop our steps of bringing customers more benefits;  LITOM points are a reward for customers when you subscribe, sign up, invited friends to join in; The points for now can be used for to redeem products for free to save more money.


1. LITOM all points must be earned within the rules; Violations will be subject to points reset to 0 and /or suspension of your account.

2. LITOM reserves the right to interpret and implement the guidelines as necessary.

3. The points can be redeemed directly in our LITOM points store, only valid in our LITOM points store;

4. Once you accumulate enough points, you would be eligible to redeem them in our shopify store.

Where can I check my point status?

Log into your account and click "My Points" to check up your points and status